For Babies and Toddlers

The increasing number of homeless families with babies creates a sharp rise in the need for diapers, wipes, ointment, formula, baby food and baby toiletries. Because homeless parents are often unable to afford these items, many infants suffer poor health and hygiene. Improper nutrition and the resulting depressed immune system can set the stage for years of poor health. Last year we distributed more than 360,900 diapers and pairs of training pants — approximately 6,940 every week. Captain Hope’s Kids provides life’s necessities for the most vulnerable of the homeless — babies and toddlers.

For School-Age Children

A good education is a critical long-term need of a homeless child and the key to breaking the cycle of homelessness. Captain Hope’s Kids provides some of the basics that homeless children ages 4 to 17 need to attend and stay in school, including school uniforms, shirts, pants, skirts, shoes, socks, underwear, school supplies, toys and athletic equipment. We accept new and gently used items through individual donations and company-sponsored drives. Homelessness has a devastating impact on children’s educational opportunities. Without basic toiletries, school supplies and clothing, children are less likely to do well in school.

Distributing critical items to homeless children allows homeless parents to devote more energy to activities that will help them to break out of homelessness.

Recreational Activities Program

This program provides funds that make it possible for homeless children to participate in activities out side their current situation with the Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers and others. These activities provide opportunities for children to get out of the shelter setting, learn more about the world around them and have fun.


We incorporate school children in this program to provide a simple shoebox decorated with birthday wrap and filled with small gifts, toiletries and special surprises for homeless children who are celebrating their birthdays while living in a shelter. The birthday boxes provide a great opportunity for children of all ages and backgrounds to help other children who are less fortunate.  We’ve expanded our Hope in a Box program beyond Birthday Boxes, as we have found there is a huge need for hygiene items and summer items.