K. Davis

Thank you!

I was calling you in response to the shopping card from Wal-Mart. I just wanted to say thank you so much for you and Captain Hope's Kids. I can start getting my children the things they need for school. I appreciate this so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have made our day wonderful. God bless Captain Hope's Kids and everyone who works there.

S. Barr

Kids feel first-class!

The Mosaic kids had such a wonderful time on Friday at the Sidewalk Chalk Event. They [volunteers] gave the kids ideas to add to their art. The volunteers also made an effort to get to know the kids and strike up conversations to make the kids feel unique and extraordinary. The kids were chattering the whole way home about the two gentlemen who walked around the museum with us. I was excited for the kids to be around positive male influences. Thank you again for such an awesome event! You went above and beyond to make the Mosaic Kids feel first-class!!!

Debra B.

Prepared to Achieve

With out the services of Captain Hope's Kids, Grand Prairie United Charities would struggle to assist children in our community. The school uniforms, supplies, diapers and wipes insure that the children we serve can be comfortable and prepared to achieve.

S. Jimenez

A Happy Birthday

I was able to give my son, Angel, a party for his 4th birthday with things I got from Captain Hope's Kids. He hadn't a party since his 1st birthday. They gave me wrapping paper, cake mix, frosting and candles. They gave me Superman toys which are his favorite. I will never forget the smile on my son's face because he didn't think he would have a birthday party.



The things I can get from Captain Hope's Kids are a blessing. I can get diapers, formula and even toys. I am so thankful that there is a place where I can get the things I need for my children. I was even able to pickup a stroller.

Tillie B.

Mission Metroplex

Captain Hope's Kids has helped us in immeasurable ways. We have been able to help so many more families because of the assistance we have received.

Doug H.

Jonathan's Place

Captain Hope's Kids' donations are helping us focus our budget on providing these children with the therapeutic care that they need. If we did not receive donations like this, we would have to go out and purchase these items.


2007 Golf Classic

The 2007 Captain Hope's Kids Golf classic gave a group of selected homeless children the opportunity to experience golf lessons and a formal dinner. Dinner was served on a regular restaurant place setting. One child commented "Oh wow! We are having dinner at a four star restaurant. We're eating off china!" For him the napkin was folded so fancy he thought it was a hat.

D. Morrow

Arlington life Shelter

Without the help of your organization, we would have not had diapers, wipes, clothes, etc. for a majority of the children we serve.

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